Industries Served


Needs Farms fulfills hay feed and straw bedding needs for other types of livestock farms in various bale types.

Erosion Control

Needs Farms supplies to large construction projects continually for straw-blowing and hydroseed contractors across the upper United States.  Needs Farms bundled small square is the best product for erosion control customers.


Straw in several types fit for mushroom and other environmental composting industries. Needs Farms currently supplies mushroom growers locally.


Gas pipelines, lakeside dredging, rite-a-ways, and other environmental reclamation products are a fundamental part of Needs Farms.  NF can supply and deliver sufficient quantity straw across the U.S.


Needs Farms Supplies manufacturing companies across the U.S. that specialize in end-use erosion control blankets, wattles, and compressed bales to meet manufacturing needs. Additionally Needs Farms has distr


Needs Farms depends on B2B transactions to keep the business scaled. We are open to any opportunity to partner with businesses locally and regionally for the supply of hay, straw, or other agricultural and freight-moving needs.

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Needs Farms is dedicated to selling and delivering straw & hay to our customers across the United States.